On himself 

JP. Born in Cologne, Germany, juergenon 29th April 1950.

He was interested in Art and Painting from an early age, spending a lot of time walking the museums and Art scenes in his native City and painted, mostly exploring colors and shapes on different mediums, in his late teens.

Early days in Auroville

After coming to India – Auroville – in 1973, painting took a backseat and he concentrated to work on land generation efforts in an area deemed unfit for human habitation in and around Auroville.

It included Farming as well as Afforestation and Soil and Waterconservation projects  but also the regeneration of large water bodies – used for  irrigation – in the context of local Agriculture.

This works will be documented later elsewhere on this site.


Juergen P. started painting again around 2011, at first on subjects expressed digitally and one year later he started to paint abstract. The physical foundation of all his oil and acrylic works are various soils from the local surroundings including the Arunachala Mountain in
Thiruvannamalai, which are genuinely interwoven into the entire painting, making it quite unique.

He suggests each of his paintings to be looked at like you merge with a Mandala.

Enjoying each detail and become one with the work.


His main influences in life, as we perceive it, are the Teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi and Buddhist Teachings.


The works  of Gerhard Richter, Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol and ancient Cave paintings from all Continents,  are regarded as his favorites’, even though all of them are only grains in the long evolution of Art, however it is perceived or called, on this planet. 

On Images, Figures and Abstractions

Abstract painting unites you with what already exist in your ‘imaginative’ consciousness and let’s you expand on it. In other words, by definition, you are not being shown something with which you are not familiar but with something which may act as a catalyst into the unknown, so to say, with which paradoxically, you could experience to be quite familiar. Gerhard Richter once said “I don’t know about reality – all I know are the impressions’ that I have of it”. This impressive statement could come right out of Vedanta, the definite Indian Philosophy on reality, or the absence of it. If one looks at paintings by Picasso, Kandinsky, Richter, Soulage, Newman, Delaunay, and Klee, to name a few – one sees that if, in fact, there had been rules – they were there to be broken. But maybe not completely – because there are, like with so many other things, degrees of abstractions. In fact, when an abstraction is re-figured digitally, which is something I do very often in my video’s, the re-figuration becomes entirely realistic -in a geometric sense -and thereby presents itself as a new and fascinating experience. In my own ‘abstract explorations’ I work with all kinds of materials to give expression to a singular flash of inspiration to be materialised on  wood or canvas. I work with commercial oil paint, soil from different locations such as Auroville or the Arunachala, different kind of pigments, oxides, acrylic- and oil paints as well as glass paints, linseed oil and arabic gum. Perhaps, all life is abstract after all, living in Auroville for quite some decades now, this is certainly my experience.
To a degree.

Juergen Puetz,  Auroville,  January 2015